Hey Jamracing!

Just read about your run in with that tree that jumped in front of you in Titusville and I was wondering where you ride over there. I've been to an area behind the little executive airport off of 405 and was wondering if that's it. I live in Apopka and usually ride in the Ocala Forest(Big Scrub) and out at Croom. Always looking for new spots and was wondering if you know of any. Thanks! :)

Hey Papa,

As you know, Florida kinda sucks as far as land to ride on. I belong to the FTR, and race Hare Scrambles and Enduros, so I get to ride on cool and different land every few weeks. I mainly ride at Croom though, as Ocala isn't quite tight enough.

If you wanna ride/race, we can hook up for that.

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You two have got to be kidding! Florida kinda sucks as far as land to ride on??? We live in off-road paradise down here, especially in central Florida. If you can't find tight trails in Ocala, you aren't looking hard enough! :D (Yes, not EVERY trail is singletrack, but there is plenty of it to go around.)

Papasmurf, we ride in Ocala every Sunday (except for April 7 when I'm going on a cruise.) If you want to join us, you're welcome to. I've invited Josh before, but I guess we're not hard core enough for him. :)

Actually, I'm the Vice Prez (and webmaster) of the Central Florida Trail Riders, so I'm officially inviting you to a meeting...

This weekend is the Gatorback Hare Scrambles, and then I'll be overseas for two weeks, but when I come back, we can hook up. You can also contact me at JAMRACING@hotmail.com, if you're bored. I also like to tinker allot (used to work on scoots for a living), so if you need to do anything to your bike, bring it on over (and a 6 pack of course :) ).

Quit yer whining Rich! Your'e fast enough to do the Hare Scrambles thing now, so bring your butt to Gatorback!! Now that's some cool terrain!

North Georgia still rules as far as riding.

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Rich - when I say it sucks it's because I've got to drive at least an hour to get to a good riding area! I have found some stuff in Ocala that I can barely fit through! I love it out there! I just get kinda tired of the sand sometimes. If I'm not mistaken I think I've seen you post about the Alexander Springs area? I've never been over there but am curious. I might take you up on a Sunday ride when I can swing a day off (I work every Sunday :D ). And believe me I'm far from hardcore!!! :)

It takes me exactly 1 hour to get to the parking area where we ride. And living in Apopka, you are even closer than I am because I go through Apopka to get there. Sugar sand is a fact of life in Florida-you either learn to ride it properly or you hate it. I don't hate it anymore. Get your suspension setup properly and with the right tires and pressure it's a piece of cake.

Josh, it's hard for me to justify the expense of racing (average $50 per race when you consider event entry fees and FTR/AMA membership) when I can ride in Ocala for free.

Yeah it does kinda suck around here! I wouldn't lose a wink of sleep if I never had to ride in sugar sand again! I've been thinking about joining a club, maybe Central Florida Trail Riders, to meet some people and find some new riding spots. I am also interested in possibly trying some enduro/H.S. type stuff, but first I need to get in ALOT better shape! When do you usually ride? I'm off Thur-Sat so I usually go on Fridays - less crowded. Croom can be a zoo on the weekend! Saturday is usually family day as I work on Sundays, but the wife let's me go every now and then if we do a group ride. Let me know about riding- my blue baby spends WAY too much time sitting in the garage!

Richard Rogers

rijuka@mpinet.net :)

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I look at the FTR series as more of a experience than just racing. I show up there on Saturday, hang out with friends, watch the pee-wee races (talk about insane parents), have good food and ok beer, and only then do I race on Sunday. Sure, it costs money, but the flip side is having a bunch of new friends, great memories, and riding new terrain every few weeks.

It's only money...

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