finally snapped off

well after 4 years my right footpeg snapped clean off, while i was standing up luckily i did't go down LOL so a couple high strength zip ties i made it back to camp. good thing i was gonna drop my bike off at barnums to have him do my suspension so he's gonna fix it while he's at it. just thought id share that little tidbit of information

that sucks did you get a new pair of drawers when u got back to camp? lol

LOL denn. did it break at the weld?

no the bolts broke. and pretty close to needing a new pair of shorts lets just say i took a hard right LOL

really. wonder if i should put in some grade 8 bolts in mine? stock ones are really soft.

yeah i guess it's not really the bolts but when the peg is used it begins to cup and then a gap is formed between the peg and the frame and thats when all the stress is put on the bolt. but im sure that a grade 8 will help alot!

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