Best Boots For Big Legs

hi does anyone know what the best boots are for really big calf muscles, and i mean really big. thanks

Try Sidi Crossfire's

I too have the same problem with boots and my calfs. I bought a pair of Gaerne SG10 and they are wonderful. Probably the best pair of boots i have ever owned. The best price I could find at the time was at they had free shipping as well. Hope this helps.


I have some large calfs as well and really like my Fox F3's. They're very comfortable and broke in quite quickly. I have had them for a few months now and they seem to be holding up pretty well. You can find them at a bunch of places for $199 or less.

Good luck man:thumbsup:

I can also suggest the Gaerne SG-10's...Invest in about 4 "extra-long" straps for the upper 2 strap locations on each leg and go riding. I'm blessed with Gargantuan calves which are further highlighted by wearing CTI's on each leg...This setup works for me !

Not only do I have big calves but I also have wide feet and found Alpinestars to be the best fit. The Sidi and Fox boots were too small in the foot. Gaerne fit well but a bit too expensive for my budget. I got the Alpinestars Tech 3's for only $150!!!

The SG10's worked very well for me. I have gi-normous calf muscles from hauling my gi-normous a$$ around all these years. From the first ride I knew that they were the best riding gear investment I have ever made. :thumbsup:

I too am a freak of nature and have found that both the Sidi Saber and Crossfires are WAY comfortable, plus there is a short section of elastic or some other stretchy stuff right at the top of the cuff for a little more movement.

hi does anyone know what the best boots are for really big calf muscles, and i mean really big. thanks

You have to try them on to be sure dont buy mail order there was a guy with 20" calf's and the gaernes wouldnt wrap around those trunks I would say alpinestars but just try some on.

hey thanks for all the replies, yes i have some whopping big calves 19 1/2 ''.

Gaerne's are great for big calfs, plus they also have a very roomy toe box for wide feet. I like mine much better than my Tech 8s...


you will never buy a different boot again.

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