WR450F vs YZ450F on a trail...

Just want to hear opinions...

We ride 25-30 kms of quite technical trails 2-3 times a week mostly after work... Technical I mean washed uphills, stony riverbeds, wet mud forest generally slow trails etc.

Over the past 5-7 years most guys switched to from XRs to WRs as they seem to be the most rugged and not demanding specialist service\parts etc. There were some CRFs, still some DRZ, even some KTMs...

But last 2 years the guys tried YZ450s that local motocrossers sell and upgrade every year on our trails. And it turns out for an average to advance trail rider YZ makes our usual ride easier, faster and more fun. Of course that is on the technical, nearly trial-like sections, uphills and the most difficult places to ride. When we do long weekend or overnight rides and use some gravel roads, YZs are not that fun with the vibration, lighting, side stand and quite important for local areas - water crossing issues (airbox being quite "open" and low).

I thought YZ was too powerful for me - but when I once swapped it for my WR during the ride, I suddenly rode faster in a group and with less effort...

Again I thought mx suspension and shorter gearing will make the ride difficuilt - but I did not feel any problems. Actually The YZ front fork worked better on stones, lugs etc. (And I rode 1 gear down from usual WR gear choice).

So some of us think - if we put WR air box and side stand on a YZ, equip ourselves with helmet lights - will that make YZ funnier and enjoyable short trail rides? Or hell - just ride YZ as it is!

What do you guys think? :thumbsup:

YZ is definately the better bike for everything!

I got my bike because I needed the rego plate.

i cant comment since i never been to russia

but here a yz will blow its self apart (overheating)

the power curve is not sutable for our technical terrain

but the yz is alot lighter and agile so it "feels" better

a properly set up wr can make dinner out of a yz in any terrain

and you can plate them

I own an 03 YZ and an 04 WR. I mostly ride desert so the average speed is a lot higher than it sounds like you are riding. The YZ winds up a lot faster and tops out. I like the WR in the desert because it handles the faster runs without sounding like the motor is going to blow. The kickstand is great for the gates we frequently have to open/close. Having a plate here in the states opens up a lot more riding areas as well. These are my reasons for preferring the WR where I ride. Having said that, I like the YZ in the tight technical stuff for the light weight and better flickability. If you don't have to worry about cops/registrations etc.. and you are riding tight technical trails I can see where the YZ could be a better ride. If you are riding slow some people recommend adding a heavier flywheel to the YZ to decrease stalling problems, I was thinking about trying this with my YZ along with adding a tooth on the front sprocket. Just my humble opinion, good luck with your decision.

i cant comment since i never been to russia

but here a yz will blow its self apart (overheating)

the power curve is not sutable for our technical terrain

but the yz is alot lighter and agile so it "feels" better

a properly set up wr can make dinner out of a yz in any terrain

and you can plate them

I bought an 07 WR and would like to believe your right but I'm thinking the YZ will blow away any WR with a skilled rider aboard. The pork the WR is carrying is hard to over come. I've ridden a 07 YZ and the power is very usable..keep it pinned and it goes nuts. I liked it.

Now if your talking night riding or anywhere there's a need for speed I think the WR is the deal.:thumbsup:

Still I'd rather you be right then me..I haven't ridden my 07 yet so who knows maybe the wieght won't be so bad.

yeah - plating is not the issue here and thankfully most of the terain is public and rideable.

and yes you are right - on longer rides the engine sounds critical sometimes :thumbsup:

The extra tooth and fly wheel are good ideas too - thanks everyone.

btw - the overheating issue - I watched the Erzberg enduro video recently (http://www.enduroaterzberg.com/) and was amazed that half of the field was running 2 strokes that were boiling and steaming like steam rollers... Mostly on gnarly rocks, uphills and loafy forest tracks... Including the front guys - JM on CR and Pastrana on a RM. Nobody seemed to bother much about boiling...

Yeah easy to ignore when everything is paid for by someone else!!!!

We ride a lot of slow techie trails, me on my 06WR and a friend on a 06YZF both 450's. Mine has no problem with slow trails but his coughs a lot, stalls and overheats. I think I'll put up with the weight.

dont whine about the weight difference i have a cough* 05 steel frame (

once you are used to it, you will forget about the difference unless you are pushing it.

but its blue and that shouldnt happen

I race off road my WR against YZ's (amongst other makes and models) and the gearing more than makes up for the rev... sure the WR with stock cams cannot clear a lot of doubles from a stand still but how many of us are using our WR's for moto only. My WR often wins the drag race to the first turn and the little grey button is so nice after picking the bike up off the ground 2 hours into a harescrambles. My recreational rides often include "pack and carry" meaning you either pack and carry your chain saw or pack and carry your bike over the windfall... the YZ's on these rides are constantly overheating, the larger radiators and coolant recovery system is nice for that. The WR's lighting in stock form is nothing to brag about... aftermarket lighting systems are necessary to ride at any kind of real speed.

The YZ suspension is WAY better in stock form than the WR's for ANY kind of riding.... Yamaha is cheating us in this regard:foul:

Both bikes have the same reliable motor and with all things being equal regarding rider ability I don't think one is really better than the other they just out shine each other in different situations...

I can't plate mine in WA state anyway so that is not a factor.

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