XR650R float level check questions...

I'm trying to get my float height set correctly and I don't have a float level gauge, also in the pictures in the manual it is unclear to me where to measure to and from.

Is the spring compressed when you measure the height or do you need to compress it? Or leave it uncompressed?

Thanks in advance.

what is that picture of??

No idea what the advert is for, does anyone have any suggestions for my problem? :thumbsup:

I assumed that the float height indicated was for a barely-shut valve.

What I do is take a clean piece of fuel hose and blow into the fuel inlet. Doing this you can tell *exactly* when the valve is closed. Measure your height there.

thanks, can anyone else confirm this information? :thumbsup:

As a general rule the float should be parrallel to the carb base where the bowl fits to it when the fuel shuts off.

Or 18mm from the same point on an XR650r..

the spring should not be compressed when you set float hieght....it should be set when the float touches the spring...which usually ends up being very close to parallel with the bowl mating surface.

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