Engine heat melted plastic on boot

I rode an enduro yesterday on a 07 YZ450f spent about 4 hours on the bike covered about 80 miles, temps in the high 80s. My right foot has a blister about the size of a silver dollar where it is closest to the clutch cover, the plastic on the inside of my right boot is also deformed from the heat. I've noticed the heat before but it has never caused this much of a problem. Has anyone else had this problem, is there a solution for this.

yes i have had this problem. First day riding with my bran new tech-7's, and the plastic melted. My bike only seems to get hot enough to do this when i do very tight trail riding. I just try to find a wide open strech to cool it down.

I dunno, you can try taking all the steps to keep your bike cooler, or if ur just woried about ur boots, maybe put some of that adhesice heat shield on them?

do a search on two2cool in the general section of the forum. They claim it will lower the oil temp down considerable and that may be what you need. If you are getting the oil that hot though I would suggest swapping to a synthetic oil and changing it whenever it gets that hot.

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