dry sump kit - save 3 lbs

Has anyone got any inside info on the dry sump kit from Dr. D ?

This kit replaces most of the external oil lines, and bypasses the frame as an oil reservoir, saving 3 lbs in the process !

Looks like a good idea as long as reliability is not sacrificed.

Here's the link Dry sump kit


Looks cool. I know the Husaberg I had only held a quart of oil, not sure about the KTM's. But, had no problems and was more prone to change oil more often.

What's the price??

I called and got the scoop:

the kit is $149 - 10% for TT'ers (membership has its priviledges.)

they are already out of stock on the 400 kit, I did not check on the 426 kit.

they say that you must change your oil EVERY 1 HOUR of riding time. Now this may just be a conservative, cover our butt from the legal dept. type of recommendation. But it makes me think twice anyway. I don't even want to think about an oil change when I head to the desert for a couple days of riding where the bike may run for 10 hours. How do other hi performance thumpers deal with the dry sump system and timing on oil changes ?

even with that being said, I put my name on the call-back list to save 3 lbs, and the system is easily removable to switch back to wet sump stock.


:D 1 HOUR of ride time :) No good for me, The last two rides alone have been 10 hrs and 8 hrs, thats my warranty Bug**rd! :D

If you really think that there is no effect to reliability, why isn't Yamaha doing it in the first place??? I figure the more oil, the better!

Unless your the hard core MX racer type...this certainly doesn't sound worth the trouble for 3 lbs! If you are going on 8-10 hour rides - man your motor needs the lubrication and heat transfer that all that oil provides. I would't touch a thing!

P.S. Man I'm glad this site is back up...I was suffering from withdrawals! :):D


stock system is dry sump. the DR.D kit is to convert to wet sump similar to the factory race bikes.

you're right, I got it backwards

EVERY HOUR...gimme a physical freaking break!!! So during a 2 hour enduro, I should stop to change oil. Pretty funny. I would say that's the CYA answer.

I'd have to go back and try to find some info on my Husaberg, but I want to say it was every 10 hours. Which is fine for regular riding. Maybe after a full-on hour at race speeds...but then I'm gonna change it anyway.

I don't think there's any worry about it. But, I have to say it was refreshing to see all that oil come out of my first WR oil change. Seemed like a cup or so dripped out of the 'berg by oil change time. :)

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