DR.D Pipe on '06

OK, so this has probably been beat to death but, I plan to finally go aftermarket (due to crushed stock head pipe). The DR.D sounds like the best one for the YZ but my question is did any of you guys have to do any major jetting changes after installing this pipe? I realize that it will depend on my elevation, etc. but I am currently running the 48/170 that most people recommend and it runs great. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The Dr.D did not require re-jetting on either of my '06's. They were both running a 45/165 combo with the needle in #4 prior to installing it, and both run fine with that combo now at altitudes ranging from just below sea level (yes, really) to around 3600 feet, with some trimming of the pilot required for extreme variances. As rich as yours is, you might find that you want to back down a little, but you probably won't notice much difference in the jetting either way.

Thanks Gray for the input. I do notice when it is pretty warm outside it tends to flame out when applying the throttle quickly out of a turn. I usually can adjust that out with the fuel screw slightly, but I might consider going a bit leaner with the new pipe and possibly correct that problem as well.

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