Tall guy needs more room

I'm looking to buy a leftover new '01 WR426 and was wondering what can be done to make it more spacious for my 6'4" 180 lb. frame. I'm figuring a taller bar, maybe a top clamp and a tall seat combination may be necessary. Anyone else been down this trail? What works best?

Jim Miller

Berkey, OH USA

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I just installed the Fastway Low Boy pegs which drop the pegs by a 1/2" and move them 1/2" back. I'm 6'3" and it's made a huge difference. It's the same as the mod discussed except the price of the pegs is $89 but they are about twice as wide as the stockers and look sweet.

I'll have pics soon.

What you have already mentioned... plenty of discussion in the past about such mods... another option is to lower the pegs...

Click "search" and all shall be revealed...


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