07 CRF owners reveiw of his new 08 YZF

Like the title says, I bought my 08 YZ450 3 weeks ago. I used to ride and still own an 07 CRF450, and an 03 WR450

I bought the bike on a Monday, broke it in on a moto track(Byron IL) on Wednesday, raced the senior nationals Saturday, and a local Pro AM on Sunday.

I can't believe how different the CRF and YZF are. The first thing I noticed was sluggish bottom end power, BUT a much smoother power band than my Honda. My Honda can be ridden a gear high every where, If I try to ride my YZF like that it doesnt have the "snap" of the Honda. This took me a while to get used to, but after adapting the YZ gets MUCH better starts, and with a little use of clutch comes off corners quite a bit more controlled than my Honda.

I test rode an 07 YZ and did not like the way it turned. The 08 is better, but my Honda is quite a bit better from entry to the apex of a corner. The Yamaha still has a bit of pushiness to it. I found that by changing body position on the bike I can make it almost unnoticable however.

The YZ feels lighter, I don't think it is, but the YZ is shorter at the seat by about an inch when they are on their stands next to each other.

The nicest thing about my YZ is that I don't feel I need to change anything on the bike as far as ergonomics. Bars are good , pegs are good , the bike is comfortable to ride. I will need to respring for my weight(6'1" and 190 with gear).

Another thing is that in my 11 months of ownership of my Honda, I have had to replace the top end, crank bearings, cam chain, intake valves and springs, and as it sits now it needs more engine work.(Lower end noise).

My 03 WR450 has a gazzilion hours on it and hasn't been touched, although it is getting due(Winter project).

SOOOO....The YZ isn't perfect, and still has some of the inherent YZ traits(Front end push at the top of the list), but is a very fun and easy bike to ride.

On a side note, I have got some of the best starts of my life on this YZ, even with the "sluggish" bottom end power, the thing just hooks and goes. My Honda is a tire burner off the gate, it is truly a light switch. It is fun to ride, but wears you out, and makes it a little harder to ride sometimes.

On the ice, however.....Power is king, and the Honda makes some power!! We'll see how the Yamaha does against it.

My 2 cts.


I wonder why they have made the 07 and 08 450's with so little bottom end. I overcame the push by sitting and standing with more weight over the bars but no bottom end is difficult to solve.

I rode a KTM 450 sx-f the other day and the bike is so smooth and tractable it makes riding easy i wonder why the yamaha is giong in the other direction??. If you don't ride the bike super aggressive all the time it just doesn't perform.

I notice the mellower bottom also, I just bought a new 07 YZ450, coming off an 05 zuk 450, the zuk had more bottom but I like the YZ power better, the YZ revs faster has more mid and top thrust, I also get way better starts with this bike, tracks straight out of the gate and hooks up!!! I dont get as tired on the bike either. As far as turning, I've raced it twice, I changed the front tire to a 742FA and put taller bars on and it seems to turn just fine, I have been a little aprehensive in the corners just cuz I dont want to push too hard and dump my new bike yet, haha!! I'm very satisfied with the YZ, great bike!!!

It is nothing that a 50 tooth sprocket, SDG Tall seat, and a WB or DRD pipe can't 99.9% completely fix.......:thumbsup:

more bottom and less push.....

Thanks for an honest review, keep us updated with your experience on the new bike.


I put a FMF 4.1 titanium system with megabomb header on my 2008 YZF450 and all I can say is wow, unbelievable difference. The power is now from idle and it snaps when you roll on the throttle. Easy to use though but the power difference from idle right the way through is just amazing. You can go a gear higher in any corner. It even has better power than the 2008 KXF450 I raced a few weeks back at the invitation of a friend. Try it, you will love it.

I guess I kinda misled with my original post. Yes , the bike is a little soft on the bottom...BUT after racing and riding the bike, I wouldn't change it. My Honda was "explosive off the bottom, and was hard to hold on to off a corner, but the Yamaha is clawing for traction all the time, making it come off a corner just as hard, if not harder, and is ALOT more controllable. I would't change a thing for moto, after I've gotten used to riding it.

On the ice, where you have the ultimate in traction, I will probably get an exhaust for it, however.

I will probably change the rear sprocket to a 50 before the next race, because I do find myself in between gears a little more.

I guess the moral to my story is, that controllable power, albeit a little less, is better than a powerhouse light switch for the moto track.

My 2 cts.:thumbsup:


I feel the exact same way as you, I love this bike. Its just goes straight and fast so damn smooth.

The most important point of the whole subject is the reliability issue. I too rode Honda CRFs for years and had to put a thousand bucks into the things every time I turned around. I am riding (and loving) an '07 YZ450 and thing is light, fast, smmmoooooth, no vibration, and BULLET PROOF! I think the whole bike rides better than my Hondas, but even if there were a few short comings, I will take the reliability issue as a much bigger deal. Those four stroke motor rebuilds add up fast.

The most important point of the whole subject is the reliability issue.

:thumbsup: and to me 2nd most important is controllable power. I got my fill of explosive power riding CR500s and Husky 430s. At my age and ability, I can go faster on a bike that is controllable than one that is explosive.

I feel the exact same way as you, I love this bike. Its just goes straight and fast so damn smooth.

thanks alot Matt... I was all set to keep my 06 and maybe get a new bike in 09, now after hearing you rave about how good the 08 is, it's got me thinking...:thumbsup:

sorry, Man but its that good for me anyways

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