06' vs 08' 450 comparison

Went riding yesterday with my friend who just got his 08' 450....about 15 hours on it. He and I swapped bikes (I have a 06' 450 holdover I just got this spring and have about 25 hrs on it.......both bikes bone stock). First difference of course is his soft exhaust note. Second big thing I noticed which I am sad to say is the weak bottom end power. You cannot pull a higher gear out of a corner as you can with my bike (or his 06' honda which he still has). Once you get the 08' wound up it feels very similar to my bike. It does feel a little lighter in the air, suspension feels a little less harsh than mine, and is more willing to corner. Despite the sickly bottom end power I doubt whether he'll turn slower lap times than with his honda, you just need to do a little more shifting when entering corners. I don't race moto, only trail ride and hare scrambles, so his bike doesn't have the fun factor for me that mine does, but it is however probably a little less tiring on the track.

Overall, the two bikes do feel a lot alike other than the noise and the bottom end power traits. I am 31 and have been riding avidly since age 3, but either bike is more than my talent level will ever be able to match.:thumbsup:


:thumbsup: Just did a Time trial with my set up 06 vs Stock 08. Remeber I am 6'5 and 250 so the stock suspension is shit for me. On my track today, I was 2 seconds faster on a stock 08 than my highly modded 06. I felt like I was 5 seconds slower on 08 the way it sounds and feels. I could not believe it. I felt so much faster on my 06 but the stopwatch didnt lie.I never turned a lap that was not atleast a second and a half off. I feel that when I put a 50t rear sprocket, get my suspension back from enzo, and get it how I need it, I will be much faster on this bike.

Its a good thing you timed yourself. Makes your new purchase seem worth it. It seems the seat of the pants test isn't very accurate.

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