kickstarter stuck, 03 yz450

this is not my bike but my friends bike. he turned off the bike for a minute went to start it again and it started but then he heard the "ticking" noise like when the kick starter is down while the bike is running. he looks down and its only halfway up. so he turns if off right way. we push it back and take off the kicker because we thought it just wasn't swinging back. grease that and it works fine but still gets stuck. its not the kick start lever because we took it right off and we saw the little shaft vibrating back and forth.

It seems that a spring or gear was moved on the inside. it will start and run perfect besides the kick starter not going all the way up.

he will be taking it to the shop to get fixed this week, but does anyone know what could be wrong?


anyone know what could be the problem before he brings it to the shop?

if you want my best guess i would say the hooked end of the spring that locks into the case broke or the case journal where the spring goes in broke hopefully it's just a spring not the case. in an event make sure you find all the broken pieces or you'll be replacing more than a kick start spring, if it were mine i would not ride it until you solve the kick start situation, i would pop the side cover off and look it isn't hard to do especially if you have the manual you just have to remove the water pump impeller, a couple coolant hoses,the break lever and the side cover itself the whole kick start mechanism is right there and easy to remove and inspect. if you wanted to see whats going on with it together you could take just the clutch cover off but to access the kick starter you will have to remove the entire clutch unit, it's a little more work but you would be able to move the kick starter and watch what it's doing in it's place. i would take the side cover of though if it's not retracting all the way your not going to be able to fix it with out removing it but it shouldn't prove to be too difficult if you have any mechanical know how. i just would rather do my own work but thats me im no expert but any suggestion has to help right?

thanks. that did help. i would do the work but its not my bike and i don't have a clutch removal tool. he has the manual but doesn't want to screw anything up.

'03's had a kind of a reputation for breaking the internal kick start assembly, and that's probably what's happened here. You don't really need the clutch holder, BTW, there are several ways around that, and it's a pretty easy job.

You will likely need an entire starter assembly from an '05 (the '03 unit is no longer sold, and the '05 is listed as the replacement) PN = 5XD-15601-00-00

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