cleaning rust on my new bike!!!

alright i picked up my new 07 on sunday and i noticed there was rust on every edge on both brake rotors. how do i clean that shit off. i dont know y they would be rusty kinda pisses me off....

It's really no big deal. Just dry them with a rag after your done washing. You can get the rust off with a scotch brite pad.

thanks! just wanted i needed to know

go ride and using the brakes will take care of the rust on the rotors

late post i know but aftet we took my 07 to pismo i had a bunch of rust on my rotors and after i washed it iwas spraying wd40 on all the rust (my dad said it'd get rid of a bit of thee rust, but i didn't hear not to spray it on my rotors) and i sprayed a bit on my rotors and it got most of the rust off but we went riding the next weekend and my brakes didn't work at all for a few hours haha.

boy that was alot of fun going back down hills.

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