How to repair small tears in seat cover???

I think we used to jam a little silicone or RTV in the tear and that sorta glued the thing down and kept it from tearing further. This also seemed to keep water out of the seat foam as well. But, its been a while since I've tried this and I was hoping for some suggestions from the experienced crowd in here. Its really not bad enough for a new cover, but any suggestions are fine by me.

BTW, I've still got the stock seat/cover and the tear is fairly small, maybe half-inch or so long. About the size of the branches from the bush I had to sail ole blue into yesterday, but that's an entirely seperate topic...

Anyone have suggestions on RTV, silicon, krazy glue, bubble gum (just kidding)????

Thanks to all.

I was going to suggest the same as you mentioned above. That's what I used on my son's TTR. :)

the solution lies in infomersials. Remember the stuff you could buy that fixed all vynil and leather. lol. Try finding some of that and see what happens. They had it to match the color and everything. Or was i the only one up at 3:00 a.m. on weekends.

Bwahahahahah... that's funny. I didn't even think of that stuff, dang, maybe I've found the first ever useful purpose for that crap. I sure know I'd never put that shiznit on my couches!!!

Anyway, cool, I figured the RTV approach still survives and I will be looking around for that patch stuff at the stores, I seem to remember seeing that stuff on the shelf somewhere recently, laughing at the folks who used that crap... well, I've always been able to laugh at myself anyway, now I'm not only a critic of infomercial products.... I'm a customer!! DOH!!!

Well I think pep boys or one of those auto stores sells a repair kit!!It consists of a small electric iron,material,and different colors.You just cut a piece of material out alittle larger than the rip,and slide it in behind the hole.Then use the filler provided let it cure then use the electric iron.The directions come with it and I had good results!!A bunch of different colors come with the kit to match what ever seat color you have good luck terry!! :)

The silicone to cover the small tear has been the old trick for eons. To make the patch look better is to use a wet ice cube to smooth the wet silicone. Once it looks good don't touch it and let it set overnight.

i am pretty sure they make a vynil arc welder. Just dont stare at the light

Originally posted by zaknavage:

use a wet ice cube to smooth the wet silicone.

As opposed to a "dry ice cube"? :):D:D HA HA

Just pulling your chain! :D

Right on, at least your having fun at the expense of the post as opposed to how the seat got torn. :)

Anyway, thanks for the all the suggestions, I'll make sure not to stare at the "vinyl arc".

do tell us please how it got torn?

silicon is crap it has no stength.

phone around contract vinyl flooring firms

and ask for coldweld :- it costs about £14 per tube uk.

Me and my big mouth... I was up in the hills above Corona. Climbed up the fire road from Skyline. For those that aren't familiar, there are many miles of roads open up there certain parts of the year or whatever. Anyway, I've been noticing several trails that lead off the road back down to the city. Well, they sure looked well traveled so I decided I'd go explore what looked to be a "major" trail around 2/3 of the way up.

Well to make a short story (as if) out of this, and I could describe pages worth at this point, I had to take 3 shots at getting back up one of the slopes I had come down, the final get off came as a result of sliding backwards with both wheels locked and picking up speed, something I'm not accustomed too.

Well to thwart my backward freefall of death, I had to throw her into a bush while making what had to be the most awkward looking get off I've ever managed. I aimed for the "trail", she got the bushes. This "dirt" that holds these hills in place is nothing more that crusty moon dust and loose rocks. The "major trail" I descended was quite steep in places with almost nowhere to turn around, much less get a run at these sippery slopes. Thus, left with 1st gear starts at a short right/left switchback takeoff, needless to say, I wasn't getting the job done. In my younger years I suppose, maybe I'd of been fine, but reality is what it is...

Anyhow, I was lucky to have pitched the WR where I did as I managed to walk and clutch up the last 30 or so feet. And after that experience I blasted whatever was left with 2nd or 3rd abandon as if I was climbing the Widowmaker. No freakin way I was gettin off again!!! I got out of there finally and the rest is history so to speak.

Thus, in a long winded way, thats the answer to the question is, it was either the seat cover or the cliffs.

Obviously we can now tell which I wound up with.


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