Valve buckets colour system. Expert Advice needed

I have just supplied a customer with a new head for his 2003 wr 450 and my supplier, (Japanese) says i need to order the 'lifter valves' (buckets) as they are called in the parts lists, according to the colour on the head.

if you click on here

then select VALVE on the drop down menu, you will see there are 3 options of 'lifter valve' colours yellow, blue and black.

the only colour i was able to see on the head was a red mark, other than the pink marks indicating that the bolts have been done to a particular tension.


Can anyone shed any light on which colour option i need to choose?

the bolt that the red mark was on is black and i believe it may be the option.

This had been brought up before and we found out the color indicated corresponds with the bucket thickness. There should be a color dot under the cam caps that indicate what buckets to use. I don't think the bolt is where the mark is. If you can't figure it out, call Yamaha...SC

Yeah, when all esle fails.. i rang a place with some knowledge and they were very helpful, just have to wait until the bloke who i've mailed the head to gets home from work to identify the dots.


and Gday Clark..long time


Just don't get the red ones, they will chew your valves. :thumbsup:

Yeah, I just went through this. i rebuilt a top end on my 98 WR400. i had to replace the valves and the head unit itself, so i had to deal with this. essentially, you could start with any of the three as long as you end up using the proper sized shims for the job. in other words, you need to get 5 buckets and 5 shims of whatever size, put the cam caps on to proper torque, check the clearances on each valve, and replace the shims that are out of tolerance. this will necessitate taking the cams back out and buying a few more of the correct size shims, but there is just no other way to know how everything will fit together.

it was suggested that they do this for the mechanics' benefit at the factory, so that less different sized shims need to be stocked, but for the diy kind of person, it makes things just that much more confusing. not that the factory wants us working on our own bikes, anyway. :thumbsup:

apparently there are some small dots that indicate the colour.

if you have actually seen these with your own eyes and are able to save and mark this picture, that would be helpful, but we are fairly sure we have the right ones on order.

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