How many have done a frame up rebuild on an R?

Thinking about stripping my bike (05 R) down to the frame and rebuilding with all new fasteners this winter and was wondering if any of you have done it before. If so, how much did it cost overall? I already have a plentiful supply of blue, red, and green loctite and quite a few spare misc. fasteners, just want to do it right.

Also looking at either putting the high compression piston in it thats been sitting on the shelf for a year and a half or just going ahead and dropping the 680 kit in it...

is there something wrong with the current fasteners?

If ya do that piston don't forget to use a stronger rod.

is there something wrong with the current fasteners?

Some of the nuts/bolts are getting rounded off, some of the allen heads are getting stripped off, some of the fasteners are just missing from being vibrated out. Its been rode hard and didn't get much of a prep when I first bought it because I was an utter n00b then. Now that I know better I want to give it some TLC and get everything to where it should be.

sounds like you want a winter project! its a good one.

sounds like you want a winter project! its a good one.
Been thinking on it for more then a year now, was considering selling it for a while but would rather just get it back into 100% condition and keep riding it like I stole it :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Summer projects are the snowmobiles and winter projects are the bikes. Maybe I really should take that job at the dealership so I can get damn good prices on parts...

edit: anyone know where I can source a Carillo rod through? Didn't see anywhere on their page about ordering.

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