trailtech vapor RPM pickup

Im trying to get a Vapor computer to work on my 650L based road racer and was wondering how most people are wiring up the rev counter lead?

I have tried both wrapping the lead round the HT lead and hardwiring the pickup on to the black/yellow supply to the coil from the CDI.

Both give 'off the scale' readings no matter what pulse per rev number I use.:thumbsup: I think I may have a duff CDI. I will put some shielding onto the pick-up lead before ordering a new CDI but am still interested in what you guys have got to work reliably.

I wrapped the pickup wire around the plug wire 10 times like they show in the directions. Put some black electrical tape on it and was done. If I remember correctly I had to go in and change something in on of the menus because the count was 1/2 of what it should have been.

Don't forget to split the wires and ground one to the frame or coil too. If you wrapped both wires that could be the problem.

Sounds like Ive done everything correctly. Ive tried all different PPR settings and wiring (earthing the black part of the wire). I think my old CDI may be double sparking or something - could explain my recent misfires!!!

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