Didn't Know It Was Going To Be So Hard

Just got a new Boyesen acc. pump cover for my 06 Wr450. Didn't know I would have to take off the whole carb.The factory owners manual doesn't even tell you how to get it off.(Go's straight to repair and installation).If I can get the cover off with the carb on the bike.Will the diaphram fall out and will it be a pain to get back together.Or should a Just take the carb off.It's the throttle cable ajustment more than anything i'm worried about.HELP:confused: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Pulling the carb is kinda a pain, but you might as well learn how, you will need to do it on a regular basis to clean it out.

Do a search and you will find step by step....

The throttle cables are easy, pull the cover plate, loosen the bottom lock nut then one turn on the adjustment nut, and the using some needle nose pliers take off the lower cable, now unscrew the top one and your done, reverse to put back on, you won't have to readjust when putting back together.

Don't worry its not that big of deal, take your time and it will go faster next time.:thumbsup:

It's a good time for a rejet if needed too!

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