2008 YZ450 on the Trails

Hey just wondering how this bike would work for a woods weapon. I have a 04 WR450 and I am getting ready to buy a new bike. With a little supension and gearing work would this bike be great for single track stuff? It seems like the powerband would be good from the reviews on this site.

Thanks in advance.

I just bought one for this very purpose. I am putting a Rekluse Pro in it. Lots of different feeings on the board about Rekluse's but they help me tame the power a bit and make it feel like a flywheel weight. I have one on my woods KTM 250 SXF and love it - helps a lot with arm pump too in a two hour race.

450 is a beast, probably too much for the woods but I like the grunt. I do alot of goofing off both on the track and in the woods - for me it is cool to have the extra power of the 450 to loft the front end at will. As a side benefit at 195 lbs the 450 is easier to play around on the jumps too.

Suspension wise - I am planning to run suspension stock. Dial the compression all the way out in the woods and then in some on the track. This works for me as I am not particulary fast.

Oh, and I am also putting a 51 tooth on the rear...

ive been thinking of getting a new bike...and im looking at the 08 crf450r, 08 yz450f, and ktm 505xcf..... idk what one to get!!! AHH!!! but ill be doing the same as u... single track and trails... =D

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