want a second opinion

let me start off by saying i did search the forum and didn't find anything directly related to my problem just wondering if anyone could shed some light on the situation. i have an '05 yz 450f (besides a power now valve it's bone stock) i bought the bike used and it was raced pretty hard. my problem is that my shifter shaft is very hard to operate and the hotter it gets the harder it is to shift. keep in mind that im using the clutch every time i shift. now when i just let off the gas and shift it's super smooth, really easy no matter how fast or slow im going. i have put the bike on a stand and shifted it and again smooth as glass. so basically im just looking for confirmation that im on the right track and that it's not something stupid or easy. i have taken the clutch apart and found everything beat up pretty bad : clutch plates and friction plates measure within tolerances but the inner clutch hub, clutch basket, and pressure plate all have extremely bad dents and gouges in them. i think the dents are holding my clutch together even when i squeeze the clutch or possibly disengaging it unevenly. the parts are about six hundred dollars for all the parts i need if in fact that is my problem, would the dents and dings on the hub and basket make shifting with the clutch actually harder than shifting w/o the clutch? i've replaced 6 or 7 clutches on various machines over the years and i have never seen a hub and basket in this bad of shape so im not over exaggerating the dents they are like stairs they are so deep. just want to know what anyones thinks even though im almost certain this is the problem, thanks for the advice

It sounds like your going in the right direction. Old clutch plates tend to swell when they are hot and they are getting caught in the basket notches. I've replaced my boss and basket too, it common on high hour machines. I bet if you replace your basket and boss your problems will go away. You might want to replace the fibers and metals too.

I used OEM parts when I swapped mine out. The OEM basket comes with the gear already attached and it saves a few headaches. My original clutch parts lasted 4 years, which I consider acceptable, so thats why I bought OEM stuff again.

cool thanks for the reply, in a last ditch effort im going to replace the basket at the very least so before i do so im going to take my dremel tool and very lightly scuff the notches smooth, not to ride and leave that way but just to see if that helps with the shifting and if so im going to replace the basket anyways. it may sound stupid but winter is coming up in my area so my bike is being put away and i don't want to put it away in pieces and i don't have the money to fix it now so im gonna put the worn out parts back in so that it's in one piece and i don't have to worry about crap getting in the engine while it sits. im gonna buy the new parts in the spring anyway so why not shave those notches down just to see if it helps, not to go out and ride it like that, but more for just reassurance that replacing these parts will fix the problem, im glad someone agrees with me. thanks for the reply all my friends are mechanically illiterate so it's hard to get someone else's opinion around here. thanks again man

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