08 450f shooting fire! After BAD crash..

Hey everyone! I was just looking for some help regarding my 08 450 shooting fire out the pipe. What happened was i had a huge 4th gear crash off the start of my last race about a month ago. I collided mid air with another dude and wiped out hard before being run over 3 or 4 times. Either way i broke my L2, L3, and L4 in my lower back and was flown to a larger hospital and taken into the trauma unit. After several tests it was determined that it was not a spinal cord injury and the bones that had broken off were not close enough to the spinal cord to do surgury. I left the same day and stayed home for a week before returning to my job at the local motorsports shop. Anyways i had a trip planned to the IDAHO dunes and after trying to start my bike today to get ready for the trip, it shoots freakin fire?!?! It is the first time ive tried starting it since my crash, and i was wondering what might be the issue that is causing this. Any help or suggestions to help me get this problem fixed so i can enjoy my trip would be great. Thanks in advance.

St Anthony's?

Explain exactly when it shoots fire please.

Yes, st anthonys! It shoots fire after i start it and let it run. IF i just let it idle it will every 4-5 seconds and if i give it say half throttle it will shoot fire just about every second. WHo knows, my guess is it was just full of gas from the fall 3-4 weeks ago. Im going to let it run for like 10 mins to burn out the gas and see if that works.

Thats cool, get a video!

Bad gas or a varnished jet. We had a customer's gas turn so bad in a week once that you couldn't pour it on a workbench and light it with a match.

Sounds like it is way leaned out......cool looking but never the less crappy running.....get some night pics....and check your carb and HotStart....:thumbsup:

...and check your ...HotStart.
That's a good point. The crash may have caused some damage to the hot start lever/cable that is now causing the plunger not to return fully top its seat. Certainly worth looking at.

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