xr600 carburation (help needed)

first of all my xr600 haves a CRD air filter and a complete exhaust line from IXIL.

170 main jet

58 slow jet but somone drilled it to become bigger.

my bike its hard to start but while riding is ok and idle too but when gets hot (traffic,low speeds) the idle gets erratic.sometimes seems its gonna shut off, makes some "paf-puff", keeps working, but when unexpected stalls.starts easily when hot.doesnt seem to get flooded.i guess the mixture is lean when its hot.i cleaned the carb and everything seems ok.it also bogs down if i open the throttle too fast.i tried to solve it pulling up the needle one clip but its too much and it gets flooded easily.i put as it was and set the floating bowl higger and its better but sometimes still happens.give me some ideas to solve this please.Anyone experienced it?

sounds too rich on the main and a lean pilot circuit. sure the pilot circuit is clean? or have you checked your valve clearance?

Drilled jets suck! It's hard to drill it cleanly. Get a proper 68S pilot. The 170 is likely too big. I have a 158 in mine, but I have the stock pipe with an aftermarket insert. I would try a 165 and see how it is. It might need a 162 or 160.

valve clearance is ok.i got a 60 and a 62 pilot jet and got worse.the most stupid thing is that when i bought the XR she was running perfectly with this setup.it went to mechanic because the 2nd gear broke and never get it running properly.the carb is clean.the needle is on the 2nd groove from above.if i put the needle on the 3rd groove from above it gets more powerful and brutal but floods on idle.i tried a new 60 pilot jet but was too lean.62 the same.only works at idle with the 58 drilled pilot but even so haves that behaviour as i described on my first post.when i set the floating bowl higher it starts better.i think the main jet 170 is ok because the IXIL exhaust line is very open and loud...its very derestricted...

something sounds goofy, i would post this question in the jetting thread for TT jetting expert eddie sisneros to answer. if he doesnt answer right away just bump the post until he does.

If it is flooding, it sounds like you have an issue with the float or the float needle and seat. Does gas come out of the overflow?

Really, try the 68S pilot. It may solve all your issues.

i already searched for a bigger pilot jet but the biggest i found was a 62 on Honda.now that you mention: when i stop i always have a small amount of gas on the tip of the overflow tube...:thumbsup: maybe the bowl valve is not sealing ok.....thanks..

i will check..

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