has any body heard of the shift star (factory pro)

i just found this and they claim it really changes the way your transmission works, its suppose to make it feel better than new and never miss shifts

has any one ever used this setup any info helps


its suppose to ... never miss shifts
Sounds like quite a claim. One that could only be made if the device does the shifting for you. I haven't used it, but it looks like a well done product, and possibly the lever is a quality upgrade to the bearing set up on the '06 YZF. IF you have an issue with the smoothness of your shifting mechanism, and IF the star/index lever is the major source of that, then you could expect SOME improvement. But I wouldn't expect too much. Like better, maybe, but not totally different.

I have not heard of it but looks interesting.....anyone tried it?

would this improve shifting on a 04

the mod itself has been around for a pretty long time. scroll down to the shift star mod section, it has a hows it work blurb.


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