Grey Wire Handlebar Switch

I would like to install an on/off switch on handlebar to control power curve.

I currently have the grey wire unplugged, and I love the power for most applications. However, there are times that I would like the grey wire plugged in, for example, snotty, slick, loose, technical stuff. But I can not always stop the bike and plug the wire back in... Several people have recommended installing a switch so I can switch back and forth. I understand you have to stop the engine first.

Has anyone out there done this?

If so, what switch did you buy and how did you install?

Thanks a lot.

I tried it, and it wasn't worth the time or money spent on the switch and some wire. You have to kill bike, hit switch than restart to much of a pain in the @$$. But don't take my word for it. Possibly there is another way for it to work with-out the restart. Good luck


My cousin did it to his '02 wr250, he just used the headlight switch that was already on the bike (and wired the headlight to be on at all times).

Thanks for the info. I ordered a similar switch.

Any secret to installing it?


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