My 06 has a issue with clutch help me....

Ok was riding and Clutch lever went completely limp just flops back and forth. (Might just need a viagra not sure):thumbsup: The arm that is on the motor also doesnt have any tension with the cable removed is that normal or should there be tension there? Is this a case of cable has just strecthed really bad or does it have something to do with arm down by the motor that doesnt have tension. I just dont know if it suppose to have tension or nor:excuseme: . Has zero pull like I said just went floppy, doesnt work at all, help a brotha out......THanks

Ouch Matt....viagra or cialis can't help this.....

Tension should be there......internal issues. Time to pull the clutch....

After I pull the clutch then what should I look for? What makes tension there etc?

There should be a pin and a ball that attach into a pivot on the bottom of the clutch arm. This pin (not the right term) goes into the clutch assembly basket.hub pp and plates...there is always tension on the clutch arm - the cable pulls against the tension

What a pain in my a@@, I knew I should have rode red:p

Now, Matthew...:thumbsup:

Seriously, though, the sudden appearance of slack in the clutch could be a number of things. The clutch cable could have pulled the ferule partly off one end (though it more likely would have failed completely). Otherwise, as Dave said, check the push rod assembly, and look at the release bearing at the pressure plate to make sure it's all there. The only other thing I can think of off the top is to be sure the nut that holds the clutch boss on the main shaft is tight.

Think my 06 got mad that I have been on 08 and shes getting me back for letting her sit in the garage. Ok so now I have to pull suspension on 08 today to send to enzo, put hour meter on 08, and pull the clutch on my 06 and prob order parts so I have 2 bikes and cant ride at all someone come help me Ill pay for the beer:applause: and then we can ride my track all day tomorrow. I did get a tandem dump truck of sawdust today to get my turns in good shape.:thumbsup:

Sorry man, I would, but I have to work today, and the wife has limited my cross-country riding trips. :thumbsup:

Sorry man, I would, but I have to work today, and the wife has limited my cross-country riding trips. :thumbsup:

Ill Fly you Gray only you.... And Ga....because you are my friends. I just shed a tear:cry: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

sorry been working.......Matt sign me up I always want to ride at personalized serviced tracks from TTers....thanks for the how the heck to get my Bikes on Delta cheaply......not:rant:

Grey there should not be any free play in the Clutcharm correct?

Hopefully you just stretched the heck out of the cable....but open the clutch is not that difficult to check - keep all the plates in the same order when removing/reinstalling....:thumbsup:

Could be what Gray mentioned about the nut coming loose. Happened to me once on my yz290f. Lucky it did not cause damage for me. If that is it, its only a 10 min fix, thats barely 2 beers:thumbsup:

Grey there should not be any free play in the Clutcharm correct?

With no cable in place, there would be a fair amount of free travel at the actuator arm (there should be a return spring, too), but with the cable hooked up and adjusted, no, there shouldn't be much.

got it all done lesson learned, never let a dealership put in your full hinson clutch. I had to much going on with my business and let them do it last time never again:bonk:

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