Best XR600 Parts?

Thru the Years that Honda made the XR600

What parts are the Best for each Year.

Best Frame

Best Swingarm

Best Front Shocks

Best Rear Shocks

Best Brakes

Best Color Scheme

Single or Dual carbs

Best Trans

Best Wheels

Best Seat

What Else??

The dual carb models have about 10% more power. In 86 and 87 the trans was a little weak. In the late 80's the cylinder was Nikasil instead of sleeved. In 91 they Honda went to the a disk rear brake and cartridge forks. In 92 the diameter of the front axle went up a mm or two. From 92 to 2000 it was the same bike. As far as I'm concerned the suspension upgrade trumps the small amount of extra power. My answer is 1992-2000. Only the colors and graphics changed after 92.

I own an 86 xr600r. It has a drum rear and non cartridge forks on the front. Cartridge or not the front forks on all of the 600s have a good amount of travel but are still fairly plush when riding aggresively. I changed the dampening rods on my front forks and they are a lot stiffer and less prone to bottoming. It is easy to swap forks from a later model 600. Earlier 600s 84-86had a 17 inch rear wheel, which greatly limits your choice of tire sizes. I haven't had any problems with my transmission and I have owned it for eight years. Although I read in an old review in dirtbike magazine that third gear failure is fairly common. The dual carbs are a little hard to get synced, but are pretty cool when working properly.

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