Baja Designs - Wont Start in Gear

i have a 06 wr450, i installed a baja designs dual sport kit. before the install of the kit, i was able to start the bike in gear with the clutch pulled in (after market clutch perch). however now that i have installed my baja designs kit i have found that i now must have the bike in neutral before it will start. has anyone dealt with this. any ideas on how to fix this? thanks

Did some wires get crossed? I would open up the manual and look at the Starter circuit diagram. I would check that the clutch switch wiring is not open.:thumbsup:

I am no expert on 450 wiring but I know that the ttr (as you know) has conditional circuitry with the kill or on and off switch. you may have removed or left open something when removing old factory wiring and installing the new kit.

If it starts and runs in neutral then I have to belive that the ignition circut is OK. I would take a carfull look at the starter circuit and the clutch switch.

"Question" Does an experienced rider need a clutch switch? I always felt this was more of a "Legal Liability issue" for the manufacturer. just my 0.02cents.:thumbsup:

This is strange, I have an 06 with BD kit on and mine will crank in gear with the clutch pulled in. Im not sure what could cause this.....

Check that switch on the clutch lever. That is what controls it. I have had problems before with pinching the wire to the clutch switch. Another time, I crashed and it pulled the switch away from its bracket on the clutch perch.

I cannot see how a BD kit would have anything to do with that.

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