does this sound fair

hope you like your bike cause at that price your gonna keep it for a while

Up here you would never sell it buy bike prices in California seem to be much higher.

A 2001, add-ons are neglible, worth about $2000, $2500 tops.

I can go get an '02 with all that plus more for $2500, right now.

The one thing about buying a used bike, is all those add-ons means someone dicked with the bike, like tons of stickers, means a kid owned it.

If the bike is stock and low miles you'll get top dollar.

If you spent wads on add-ons it either means your racing it (and wore it out) or you want more power/speed etc, which also means you wore it out.

How about the important stuff like: how often was the oil changed, condition of the brakes, hours on the engine, the last time it got a valve adjustment? When I'm looking for a used bike I go right to the frame where the boots rub on there paint there or not? Or look at the condition of the plastic, was this bike neglected, crashed, abused? Look for tell-tale signs of wear.

i have a 2001 yz 426 full pro circuit t-4 system desert tank devol rad guards hand guards skid pan race tech forks pro taper bars maxxis desert tires ready stainless oil filter no toil air filter excel rims i know im missing a coiple things but is 2900 a fair price to sale at

Sounds a little high to me. Depending on what it looks like, it may be worth $2000-2500.

I have just about everything you mentioned and a big bore kit, new tires. Paint on the frame is clean and no signs of wear. seat is perfect and fenders are still bright blue. I paid a grand in Colorado. It runs perfect, starts first kick hot or cold without the 03 cam. Great piece of machinery. I agree, $2900 is too steep. Good luck and remember, there's an a$$ for every seat.

I just paid $1600 for a 02 yzf426.....some extras and needed nothing, all is tight. I did have to put front wheel bearings in it.

It does seem a bit it was said above..add-on's bring the price up very little.

$2900 is a lil high. I would say $2100 :thumbsup:

Just sold my 01 with only a few ad ons for $2K cash in san diego

WAY HIGH, more like 2k, 2,300 at absolute top dollar, but 2900 is crazy.

i just bout an 00, for 1450, you can get a used 450 for 2900, f:censored: ck

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