Which FCR for 650L

I have been searching for info on which FCR will work and fit the XRL. Sudco dosent know if the FCRMX will fit the L. The kit is an FCR with no choke or hot start. I need some help with this. Messing with carbs is a pain in the ass, let alone one that wont fit. Which one? Help!!:thumbsup:

Which ones they sell on XRs site? Are you trying to find what size fits on the L like a 41mm?

the non mx slant body is the one i have on my L. fit perfect. i am running a pod filter though. it has no choke-- just run a slightly rich pilot jet and it will start like any other when cold if not better. all i have to do when cold is hold estart for a few sec. and fires up. sometimes a few squirts help too.

there is a mx straight body out there, that will have a little issue with fit. i think there is an adaptor.

the guy from austraillia RMHCR i think is his TT name has this one on his 600 r. search for his posts and you will find what he did to fit it.

like i said the slant nonchoke works great for me. another guy here exaresix had some issues with one though.

I know I want a 41mm FCR, just want to know which one, FCR or FCRMX. I just read an older thread where the Australian guy(RMHCR?)switched to the FCR because of fitting issues. Looks like the way to go is FCR and set it to run it a little rich on the pilot circuit for cold starts. I'm going to order tomorrow so I can search a little more. So, I'm still open for more info. Thanks guys

what size is yours Fartin30 XRs only sells a 42 for the L

41... non choke. a 42 fcr at xr's? thinkin bout boring mine.

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