Swingarm bushings and seals

I need some info on how to remove the bushings/bearings and seals from the swingarm and links. I want to powdercoat the swingarm and then properly replace the components,which means it all has to come out/apart, has anyone done this? is there a method to the madness? thanks!

I haven't had the bearings out, but I have had the whole thing apart to grease the bearings. If you still have your factory book that came with the bike it is actuall a very good source for step by step directions on the process. If you don't have it, get it, It's money well spent.

You are absolutely right, the manual shows the whole deal including installed depth of the bearings and everything. Thanks alot. Should open my book every once in a while....actually open my mind also...may help a little!

The best bet is to use a hydraulic press with spacers or sockets that match the outter diameter of the bearing. Read that manual, or measure the space between the bearings and the edge of the swingarm, and duplicate it.

Be careful to support the swingarm so the force of the bearings being pressed out won't tweak that priceless swingarm! When pressing them back in, press on the printed side of the bearing.

This way works much easier than the sledge and socket method. :)

Also posted on DRN, see you at the SpodeFest!!

I ruined a seal trying to get one out of the link. Even then I still had a hell of a time getting it out. Have fun. At least they are only $3 each.

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