Where exactly is the weak point in the subframe?

I'm getting some luggage for the back of my "L" and I would like to know exactly were the weak point is. I'm a little confused since the passenger would put alot of weight back there so it must have some degree of strength. Maybe the "subframe" is the part that holds the rear fender on?

The weak point is where the lower subframe meets the upper kinda like a triangle shape. You have to remove the side panels to see it, basically where the lower portion meets the upper if you know what Im talkin about

I have the same concern, but I don't understand which joint we're talking about. Could someone explain which one it is using smaller words?

Also, is there a simple solution such as welding on a small brace or something?



Basically it comes down to the fact that the L continue to have a steel frame. Most advanced bikes now have the stronger chrome-moly frame.


Is my 94 xrr frame chrome-moly?

Is my 94 xrr frame chrome-moly?

no, basically the same as the xrl.

maybe someone should take a pic and post it. i will tonight if i remember.


Had the same problem on my 89' XR600R. Right side(on the bike) behind side panel. It was on the top of the subframe right near said location. I am a heavy rider(270) and ride it hard. Good to know this as I just bought a built 04 650l. I am still going through it to see the difference in the bikes.

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