Baja Designs helps out / AMA supports ban on conversions?

Great job Scott on sticking to what you think is right even though the AMA and their fodder abandons you.

Hey Dan, I just thought of something. If Mr.Wood is so sure we are a detriment to the sport and that our opinions on dual sport issues are legally and morally wrong, why doesn't the lying coward ban dual sport conversions, nay, ALL reconstructed or homebuilt MOTORCYCLES, from all AMA sanctioned events? Show his true colors.

It's the least he could do for his own ego and self-righteousness and buddies in the EPA. How well would that go over? Maybe we could get rid of the traitor then. :)

And thank you, Jim! What are we without principles?

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I am currently in the process of converting my 99 YZ 400 over to be street legal. Acording to Michigan law I need a headlight, tail light/brake light, Mirror, a horn, and dot tires. All of which I will Have. I have seen tons of bikes just like this converted over with no problems. We will see how my conversion goes over.

I'll tell ya one thing. Ever since hearing about The AMA's problems with clear channel, Which all seem to be a power/money struggle by the ama, and this news I am rethinking about not renewing my AMA membership. I had always thought as others had that my money was going towards the cause. Well aperantely the cause is the AMA covering there asses and getting rich at our expense.

I like that quote of the NRA. Either you win or you lose. There is no compromise.

I just think the AMA has not thought through what this kind of thinking is doing to trail riding members and others. It is becoming increasingly necessary for us to use paved roads and highways to travel between dramatically smaller riding areas. At the current rate of land closures, I don't see us riding any other way in 4 or 5 years. If we cannot dual sport our "closed course only" machines, the sport will suffer losses of huge numbers of participants. This equals huge losses of AMA members. No land = no riding.

Mr. Wood is just voicing the opinion of the AMA Government Relations Dept, and his own of course.


I am going to write more in this regard/issue, but, for right now, I undestand so much more about why we are losing our riding areas. I really hope Mr. Woods IS NOT representative of the legislative partners/lobbyists the AMA is fielding in Washington. I have never been an AMA member but, I think now is the time to join. Its always easier to change things from the inside.

This issue and the stance of the AMA make me wonder why I am introducing my children to a sport that will either be outlawed, confined to riding in circles, or legislated to lawnmower engines by the time they reach adulthood. This is a very serious matter and I wont let this pass.

Jason Mighell

Well put, Jason. How about the rest of you guys? We need lots of help writing letters to Senators, Congressmen, The White House, Gail Norton, Christine Todd Whitman, The AMA, etc. The usual suspects are working hard on all our behalf, so let's give them some help.



I realize the last post here was a little old but------I wonder if Mr. Wood still works at the AMA? RR.

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