Anyone running Tubliss?

That looks very cool! I'm with you's it going to handle the offroad environment, land of the pinch flats and sidewall punctures. I run something like this in my bicycle tires called Stan's No Tubes, but it includes a liquid sealant in the tire to handle any punctures...SC

Yeah, MXA rate this product VERY highly. That is for MX and SX, mainly due to

the big weight reduction.

Having only ever had 1 pinch flat, I am game to try.

UHD tubes can cost a lot here!

I have been looking at this as well as an alternatitive to tire balls or a moose. They will not have an 18" version until November, I will wat to see how they hold up to off road racing

I'm planning on trying them out on my WR when they come out with the 18". If I like it then I'll probably go with them on all my bikes.

It has been some time since this post, I thought I bring it up again to see how these are holding up in off road .

Ive been running a 21" Tubliss for more than half an enduro season and I'm sold on them

As soon as the 19" comes available I'll buy one of them.

The ability to run lower tire pressures adds grip to the front that wasn't there before. I used to worry about the grip of the front tire in turns, now, the rear tire does all the slipping.

I've been a proponent of tubeless mountain bike tires for oh.... at least 6 years now because of the lack of rolling weight, lack of flats, and the increased psi/traction ratio compared to tubes.

I can not see how this system could be different from the attributes of the mtb system.

In fact, the biggest misinformation about tubeless is that you can run lower pressures. That may be so, but what you want to do is run more psi than you'd use with a tube. The lack of tube equals a softer sidewall so you need to increase the psi for the increased air volume. Doing so means that the tubeless tire has the same traction with increased psi. A tubeless tire is more pliable than its tubed counterpart.

So instead of using less psi, I would use more since your sidewalls won't be quite as stiff. This is a good thing because the increase in air pressure will mean less chances of a dented rim.

Wow, I sound like a sales rep.

Im running for the first time a dunlop trails tire with a bib moose on my play bike.So far can not belive how good for tec trail and hill climbing.

If you guys are not aware the 18" version has been postponed until next month since the product came out. Last word i read by someone who spoke to the owner was 6-8 weeks. I believe this has gone on now for close to two years. I'm not knocking the product as most who have tried it are happy.

Yup. I've had an 18 and a 21 on order at RM since last January. About every two months I get an email that it'll be two more months.

I talked to a guy near Phoenix that was actually running and testing an 18. He said the owner was waiting until some improvements were made before releasing the 18 and 21. Not sure what the problem was, but he lost air in the tube overnite. It aired up ok for the morning ride. I'm looking forward to them getting on the market.

I just got mine yesterday :thumbsup:


Give us a ride report.

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