drz400e vs wr400

i have always planned on getting a drz400e because of the cheap assed price and because there are so meny goodies for it. oh ya and a starter is a MUST.

the only reason im asking is because i just started to work at a yamaha dealership {as a mechanic}. there for i can get it at almost cost.

what are the ups and downs of each bike as you see it???

and is there still a yz400 for 2002???


has anyone ridden both?

In my opinion the DRZ is a trail bike while the WR is a race bike. Electric start and bottom end power are nice but.... the Yamaha's suspension, outright power, geometry, weight etc.are far better. If only there was a magic button on the WR.


no comparison. Blue is lighter, has more power, and is full of free Mods. IMHO the DRZ should be compared to the XR 400.

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I beg to differ. I regularly spank wrs on this little "baja" strip I have where I ride. I also do pretty good on the trails and mild tracks as well. :)


I've ridden them both-I have a WR and several friends have DRZs. They are both good bikes. I think, out of the box, the suspension is better on the WR. Motors are about the same. E-start is a definite plus. There are a couple of guys with '01 DRZs that I have a hard time keeping up with every time we ride. A good rider would make either one look good.

I think these bikes are so close that you'd be happy with either one.

I agree with rich the rider can make both bike work well. I have riden both and all things considered would not change to the DR. I feel the suspension on my WR is damn near perfect from my size and style, 185 6'3 and Hardcore trail/track. I love the e button on the DR and when my bike fouls on a cold morning I feel the starter would make the difference. But with a little time and effort the WR can be tuned. Bottom line you really want it all go get a Katoom 400/520 yeaaa baby! But it'll cost ya.

is there a yz400 for 2002?

or just the wr400??


Neither - they are all 426s.

i beg to differ. In europe they still sell the wr and yz 400's. I got my head ripped off a while back about the answer you just gave. But a nice chap filled me in. The 400 and the 426 are both avaliable over in europe. the reason having something to do with races only allowing 400cc 4 strokes. I dont know about canadia but this is your thumpertalk trivia answer of the day.

And Dr.Ziaus, Rider Rider Rider. Not bike. Lets not argue about these things again. It gets old. And as far as the engins being about the same orlando, did you not take the baffle out. i find that hard to believe.

My bad didn't realize he was not from the USA.

Got your head ripped off for that? Someone must have had their panties in a bunch ...er, their knickers in a twist :)

:) Having ridden both, my preference is the WR, but my mate prefers the DRZ, as everyone else states, the rider makes the difference! :D

AS lewichris says, both flavours are still available in europe but to be honest, I think the 426 is a sweeter bike than the 400 certainly in YZ format, and before I get my head torn off (LOL) I ride a 400! :D

all this talk about getting heads torn off. Kind of makes a guy want to slow down a bit right. NOT. I ride a 400 also. i have never ridden a 426 but for some reason i love the loudness of my bike. So when we see another wr at an orv park and he goes up a climb i will go up right after. When i get to the bottom i ask my friends. Who was louder. They say you it is still echoing. But i have a powercore 4 s/a on mine which is alot louder then stock with baffle removed or my prefious mega max. Yes i am 23 and yes i am a little cocky. But i ride with guys on two smokes. what do you expect. But i suck at it cause i am new. But i figure at least my bike is louder then **** .

Hey Lewis, you're raving is still echoing in my head! :D:):D:D

Pros/Cons DRZe vs WR400

I've owned and ridden both. This is my humble opinion:



Love the electric start, especially on hills.

Had a nice power band with after market pipe.

Smoother more manageable power band.

Turned easier in tight woods - feels ligher at low speeds.


Is a heavier bike with lighter suspension capabilities which causes one big negative - get's wicked if you hit ruts or rocks at higher speeds. I enjoyed a face plant or two - scary!.


Cons First:

Takes some tuning to be able to handle well in tight woods and still not as nimble as DRZ.

Can be a bear to start when it gets finicky.

No electric start - tough in tight spots/hills etc.


Better suspension, Much more stable at speed - doesn't bottom easily.

More overall power.

For me I sold the DRZ and kept the WR. I enjoyed the longer list of positives for the DRZ, but the issue of better suspension/stability at speed was of most importance. I feel much more comfortable going fast on the WR.


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