Does a 2000 WR400 have a Ball Bearing at the end of the clutch push rod?

I just spent an hour searching for an answer to my question, " Does a 2000 WR400 have a ball bearing at the end of the clutch push rod". Unfortunately I didn't find a definitive answer. The owners manual diagraph doesn't show a ball bearing at the end of the push rod, howerer some TT members said it was left out of the diagraph my mistake. I appreciate any insight you may be able to share. :thumbsup:

Depends on which end......

there's a bearing for the push lever, there's also a bearing between the pressure plate washer and the push rod end furthest in the clutch, but there isn't a bearing between the push lever and the push rod.

do the drop downs from there...


Thanks for responding to my question, I appreciate it.

Actually, I'm referring to a single, ball bearing which fits inside the push rod.

on my 1998 no ball bearing..... just change my clutch 2 week ago.

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