how hard to replace clutch cable?

I have a wr450 and my cable broke right at the lever connection. I'm new to thumpers so should I leave it up to the pro's to fix? What tools will be needed if I decide to fix it myself?

Thanks for your time!

Pretty easy - slide off the cable boot and loosen off the cable tension near the clutch lever enough to slip the end of the clutch cable out from the lever (all very typical procedure), then disconnect at the clutch's push lever, route the new cable in the same places where the old came out and install in reverse order - once tensioning it up you want about 2-3 mm of play at the lever before you feel pressure.

I found it easier to remove seat and gas tank. Then replace the cluth cable.

i am replacing my cable and i cant seem to draw it tight the adjusters are all the way maxxed out and every time i pull the clutch it dosent spring back? Something internal?

if you leave the cable off @ the clutch, can you activate the clutch lever and see if it'll spring back with no cable attached - this will determine if it's your cable binding or a problem at the clutch itself.

the lever (attached to motor) wont spring back uner any circumstances. I just purchased a 450f with a rekluse clutch installed. Would that effect anything. I have been out of the moto scene for 3-4 years so this rekluse johnny looks like science fiction. I am trying to put the cable and clutch lever on to see how it behaves with the lever.

Well, the cable and lever (handle bar portion) won't have any effect on pushing the lever (@ engine) back, it's a pull system only, the engine end pulls itself back using the spring at the lever (engine side) which you should be able to see (external @ lever) - is the spring broken?

The only other thing I can see it being would be the internal bearing the push lever turns in, if it's seized, it may bind enough to stop the spring from pulling it back

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