Anti Shudder Spring

Any one know how it works and why it shudders and where I can get one ...

My TM has the same clutch as the 426..

i have no clue what your talking about... lol.

ps: theres alot of people in Chat with no posts in any of the forums that are really rude... when do you police that place?

Are you talking about clutch chatter? Can be caused by a number of things, like grooved basket.

You can stop this by shimming your stock clutch springs or replacing them with stiffer units.

When was the last time you actually checked your clutch? Sounds like it needs replacing.

the bike has done it since new ... NEW!!! and its a TM not a WR but the clutch is the same part ..

And if you have trouble in the chat pm me with the user ID and the offending statment .. I will take care of it ..

What oil are you using? Thin stuff?

Check out the parts diagram for the clutch on a 01 426. You would need to purchase 3 things. clutch boss spring- 5jg-16383-00-00,

the seat plate-5jg-16384-00-00 and the inner most clutch friction plate that has a thinner inner diameter to hold the spring and plate. The function is to help the clutch plates disengage smoother when you pull the clutch in. Hope this description helps. Run a better oil too. My 426 clutch chatter went away when I put Amsoil in it after running Yamalube, Red line, royal purple, mobile 1,

bel-ray and a few others. Mutu is right about worn parts. Inspect them real good and replace any parts with signs of wear. I am running the "anti-shudder" spring and the clutch action is much smoother. Good luck!!

the bike was new ... not a inch on it and it did it .. and it is when you let the clutch out .. No Worn Parts ...

I hope I can find the part .. I may even put a slipper in as I found one that has the set up already ..

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