motard front fender on only off road 426? pics?

does any one have a picture of a 426 (or anything for this matter) with a motard front fender but still have the off raod knobbies. also will it be a horrible idea to do so?

i guess no one has any pics..:confused: so i just started trimming my fender to see what it would look like. i think i cut a little too much for my liking. What do you think?



The clutch cover looks great! But, I don't care for the fender.

ya, the fender didnt really come out the way i wanted it to, but its alot better than it was before(hella warped in the front). oh well, i already have a new fender in the mail.

I trimmed mine to resemble the KTM supermoto fenders which I like a lot. I had to trim the stock type fender because the only SM fender that the yellow matches my bike is the acrebis one, which I just personally don't care for


sawtdoc....did you pc your frame black?

that looks really clean!! i like the yellow:ride:

thanks - yes, powdercoated

sorry dont have any pics with the dirt wheels on, altho on the day this pic was takin i wish i had the dirt wheels on, going into peg deep mud with street tires iisnt a good idea


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