A beginners review of the WR450, second run at the trails.

I wish it would but it doesn't even begin to turn over. It's like it's disengaged unless in neurtal regardless of the clutch lever being pulled in.

The guy I bought it from did the '04 starter upgrade (it's an '03).

Is this a problem??? The bike has run great all summer, bought it in spring.

Search for blue wire mod! :confused:

Search for blue wire mod! :confused:

Will do, thanks! :confused:

My first bike was the wr450. My first mod was to put a 13t sprocket on the front (I recommend this for any first time 450 "trail" rider). I love the low end torque to climb the tight trails. I tested a few of my friends lighter bikes and always ended up wanting mine back...it is definitely possible to take a 450 as your first.


I agree with canyonclimb. My first bike was a 450. Yes, it does have quite a bit more power than the 250 and is harder to learn on, but the first big thud you take on the ground will teach you to go easy on the throttle. If you start out with a 250, in two months you will want more power and be wishing you bought a bigger bike.

My bike had the factory sprockets, gray wire mod, perfromance exhaust, and jd jet kit when I got it

I have a 03 yz 250 that has been parked in the garage since getting my 07 wr450 (uncorked of course).....love that damn bike!!!!

I put an ASV clutch lever assembly on my WR. I had to jumper out the clutch interlock wires to get the starter to work without the clutch pull interlock.. Its a bit of added risk, but its almost as risky to kick start in gear.

I started riding a little less than a year ago, and I have never ridden a dirt bike with less than 450cc. Id say no problem learning on a powerful machine.... but it did take more than a month until I WANTED to take the throttle stop out of it.

It was my second ride out on my 450 last sunday, i love this bike to bits and it goes like a man possesed.And climbs near enough anything.

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