Air box seal

Maybe this has been covered before.

I read an article in the April Dirt Rider about sealing the airbox-airboot joint. I decided to take a look at the one on my 2001 WR. There is no sealer there. Just rubber to plastic. I feel much better adding a gasket sealer. Thought others may like to do the same.

Was the Dirt Rider article referring to all bikes or just the CRs? I know they were having problems with the aibox/boot seal.

You could check the seal just like you would if checking manifold sealing: while the motor's running, spray some solvent (WD-40 would probably work) around the seal area and see if the motor did anything strange. If it does, then sealing would probably be beneficial. I read that 3M adhesive #847 would work to fix this (it's impervious to gas and oil). If spraying WD-40 around the seal doesn't do anything to the motor, you're probably wasting your time. The air boot on my bike always looks pretty clean.

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