Bike just started to quit, will not restart right away

06 WR450

3,800 km

Bike has worked great since I bought it in April of this year. I keep the bike very clean, oil changed regularly, this is the first issue with the bike. Let me add a little history back to the day it first started to act up. I was out on a trail ride and during a hillclimb I had just barely laid the bike over. Later during the ride the bike just cut out on me and quit, it would not start again right away, it sat for a few mins then it was able to start and the bike worked the rest of the day with no problems. I really don't think laying the bike down on it's side would be the cause of my problem but what do I know.

Went for a road ride a couple days later to see how the bike was running, it ran perfect, same power, no noise, just ran like it always did.

On my next ride it started acting up again. The bike was running perfect then it just cut out and died. Bike would not start again until it sat for a few mins, then it would start up and run perfect again for a few km, then repeat.

After searching on here and after trying a new plug, I bought and installed a new coil. Well I just had it out for a run tonight and the bike worked great again, until about an hour later I had pulled off the road and went to roll to a stop and the bike cut again and did it's routine of not starting until it sat for a few mins.


Check your kill switch to see if it is loose

Check to see if your gas cap is venting properly.

I checked the gas cap vent valve. Took the line off the gas cap and I could blow out of it but not into it. It did almost seem like it was stuck a little when first I blew thru it, but then it seemed like it was working fine.

I also opened the drain bolt on the bowl and there was fuel there. But I'll pull the bowl off the carb tonight, check the jets for dirt and go from there.

Same problem myself, unpluged the wire for the kill switch and that problem was fixed. I ordered a new switch and all is good.

Kill switch can't be too much $$, give it a try like Wodieboy did, and while you got the carb off check the float level.

Sounds like everyone has you going in the right direction. If the kill switch doesn't do it, keep checking all electrical connections until you have success. Please post your findings.

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