I need some backgrounds for 08 I stink at this....

Someone help and send me something with some style, I dont care what they cost. I want them to match and look good I have the white one if any of you have and design skills help me out. I have looked at 200 and cant make my mind up:foul:

Got to revgrafx.com. They have a nice design and you can pick all the colors. They are good with timing and customer service. I can't post pics but you may be able to tell something from my avata or send me a message with your email address and I will send you a pic. I also have the white one and made my colors red and gray. It looks great.

www.180decals.com is who i have used for the past 3 years and they are great. they look better than pretty much anything i have seen and are pretty inexpensive for what they are. rev is actually a local company that is based in my town, but no matter what i do i absolutly cannot get ahold of them. I would love to support the local guys but if they cant respond then i will go with the guys that will.

The people at Rev must work two jobs. I contacted them by email and they always responded back around 10 at night. My backgrounds got lost by FedEX and when I told Rev, he made another set and had them overnighted to me. I can't complain but I did everything through their website and email. Never tried to call them.

hrmm. maybe i will try to get ahold of them again. the 2 jobs thing is probably very likely since pueblo colorado isnt really the motocross hotbed of the world. i doubt that they are living off of backgrounds.

heres some i just designed for my company. pm me man ill get ya some sweet stuff. im not officially up and running yet but i am able to print. the pic is from printing off my computer becuase i needed to brign them somewhere......


If you like a clean look go with the attackmx graphics. They are available at rockymountainmc.com

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