XR600 leaks oil at base.

Got a xr600 that is leaking oil from where the Jug goes into the block.Looks like its blown part of the gasket out.Ive used JB weld in one spot to stop the leak and it works.I have one more leak I need to fix.Question is if it stops the leaks will it hurt anything?Its running great so I hate to take it apart right now.

My XRL blew the base gasket out earlier in the year. Just at the front LHS corner of the camchain tunnel.

Have used a new gasket with threebond sealant and all seems well ...so far....

My gasket faces were flat so that wasnt the cause. DOnt know why it happened, though the engine was getting revved hard on the track

Did a xr 200 this year with a "slight oil leak" he had let the cam wear so bad and so loose that it wore a hole in the side of the cylinder from flopping around in there. SHEESH! And it still ran!!!

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