Flywheel weight

Alright, just went on a 30 mile technical trail ride on my YZ 426. Good thing I put in a new clutch!! Most people buy a WR and convert it, I am trying to go the other way. I am guessing that a weighted fly wheel is a good way to start. I'll do the gearing second? What I wanted to know is how much does a fly wheel weight help, and how diffacult it is to install?

Tired of feathering the clutch!!

Eagle 1

Try doing a "Search" on the subject of flywheel weight. It should give you more then enough info. :):D I too have a YZ and I plan on putting a weight on soon. Lots of luck. :D

I just installed a 10oz. Terrycable weight on my ride. It makes a very noticeable difference. I have yet to stall the bike since installing the weight, but have only ridden it a few times. In fact I was messing around and put the bike in 1st gear and let it idle along with my hand completely off the throttle. I was suprised how the bike just "tractored" up some small inclines without stalling. The weight does seem to take a little bit of the hit away from the midrange though. It smooths out the power delivery which is fine with me since I ride mostly trails.

As for installing the weight, it's really pretty easy. Just requires a few special tools, namely a flywheel removal tool and a drill press. Everything else is included in the kit. And be sure to check out Clark's flywheel weight install instructions in the technical section. It's an excellent reference.

i recently installed a 10oz wieght

i had resisted this for over a year, as i rode a friends yz400 with one installed and it seemed much tamer then my own.

i installed mine and couldnt believe it.

i can honestly say it feels just the same, still rips just doesnt stall as much.

also its still much faster and more responsive then my friends yz400 with the same wieght.

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