2008 TRX700XX Gets XR650R Motor!!

I was browsing the honda 2008 line up when i came across this ATV. The motor looks very simular and also has e-start...

Maybe we can get OEM honda e-starts :thumbsup:))


Hmmm.... Inst that just crafty. Looks like to get that centered chain drive they added that little gear box off of the counter shaft....

Makes me think there is a possibility of an XR700R

::Keeps fingers crossed::

looks like a factory e start in the works to me.

Trouble is, where would we put the battery on the 650R.. Im waiting for servicehonda to list 2008 for parts :confused:)

(Greedily rubbing hands together.)

I doubt it will happen this year if at all. I think Honda has already announced all it's new bikes for '08 and I am very very very disappointed. Like many others I wanted an e-start USD fork equipped XR650R or a CRF 500-600 with six speeds and SS valves, preferably with threaded tappet adjustments and no valve train longevity issues. Something that will idle all day with the kids without over heating, lift the front wheel in the first three gears, hit 100+, and last 10+ years without a new piston and top end rebuild every year.

that ATV Has a single head pipe though

yes there is some changes to head as i can see, but i think the crank case portion looks the same. figers crossed!!

Do you guys really need e-start that bad?

yes and no,on the e-start. I have a semi bad knee cap and some rides I wished i had the button. The drz I had before my 650 had it.But the bike was slow and heavy compared to the 650.

I personally don't give two rips about the estart, but the possibility, however slim, of a new updated Pig has my interest.

Does the stock 650R motor have that protrusion on the lower front/center of the crankcase?

Is this new TRX fuel injected?

I'm guessing that it is an evolution of the 650R motor and hope it fits in the 650R frame.

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