Borynack suspension report (thanks)

Well after trading in the humble light 300exc for a big red pig a suspension change seemed needed. After years of riding mostly stock bikes the BRP is the first one that I have really played with the suspension. It all started after my first ride on the BRP, a couple falls, a destroyed radiator.......I knew something needed to change. I used to be able to mostly keep the orange bike in the upright position at a fast pace, and was wondering if I had made a mistake going to the BRP. Following these pages I stumbled on the Borynack page and being a gearhead within minutes there were red parts all over my shop. Went with the baja 1000 setup (sounded cool) per Mr Borynacks suggestion.

Its been about 4 trips so far and I must say that at speed the Honda is now much more stable at speed than the ktm ever was. Very powerfull, great in deep sand and very forgiving. Not as nimble as the 230 lb two stroke in the really tight stuff but being a big guy I can ride it about anywhere. At high speed the suspension can handle some bad stuff althought as an old guy after a few hours the whoops take the toll and make me slow down. Next is to fine tune which i'm hopeing will make it even better. A couple trips ago I did hit a large rock (yeah I know I should miss them) at around 60 mph, I thought I may be getting off really hard but a little flight thru the air and a big ding in the front wheel and all is well, I'm not sure if I may have had a broken arm if not for the updated suspension.

All in all I'm very happy with the new suspension, and many thanks for my Borynack suspension.


Bruce knows his stuff.

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