How to break in new 08 and when to change oil

What is the best way to break in 2008 YZ450F and what have you guys done as far as the first oil change.

the manual has a good break in precedure. and even the new transworld mag this month has a section on how to break in new bikes and after break in precedure.

but on all my new bikes i did the same routine with good no engine failers.

you need to put some heat in the motor.. the best way to do this is 20 mins on then 20 mins off. do this like 4-5 times. and for the first hour do not rev it to the moon. shortshift and keep the revs at a min. after you have a few cycles in the motor you can start revin the motor up alittle more each 20 mins. by the end of the first gas tank your motor should be broken in.

as for oil, i use spectro golden 4 simi synthetic.. if you dont use the clutch alot you should go to the full synthetic. in some cases synthetic oils make your clutch slip if you over use your clutch. but any good oil will do.. also make sure you change out your oil filter.


The method in the manual is fine. I disagree with slinky only in the phrase "keep the revs to the minimum". Lugging a new engine may actually be worse than over revving it.

Also, I dump the factory oil and refill with the same Amsoil MCF synthetic I use otherwise. The only oils that may cause clutch issues are "energy conserving" oils, or oils improperly blended for wet clutches. Synthetics DO NOT interfere with engine break in in any way, and in fact, enhance the process. Change the oil and filter after the first full two hours.

Review the second and third points in this post:

Then just remember this:

That whole thread is a pretty good read on the subject.

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