SoCal weekday riders???


Yeah, i know rattlesnake canyon it's a fun ride and about 80miles from my house to the mouth of the canyon. Gas stop would be in Lucerne valley on that ride.

Anyway, i have gas stops on all my rides anywhere from 40 to 70 miles apart. A wr 400 with a stock tank gets around 100 miles out of a tank on my typical ride so most rides are doable no matter how long or extreme. When i say i'll take you on a dualsport ride it aint gonna be mostly graded roads by any means. It'll have alot of variation but more like a real fun trail ride with some roads and pavement thrown in. I will warn you though, if your lookin for a guy to ride around with on those roads and trails around B.B., Arrowhead, and Silverwood that aint gonna be me. I have alot better riding on this side of the mountains. (my oipinion) I will occassionaly go up there after a summer rain storm, but i got burned out on those trails 8-10 years ago.I do have some trails i ride 2-3 times a year north of B.B., closer to the desert, but it's illegal.

Like i said in the earlier post, i have a million ride combinations out here that would lean toward desert stuff by i also ride Lone Pine, Bishop, Mammoth, Bodie, White Mountains, Inyo Mountains, and a whole bunch of other stuff. I have a great group of friends to ride with, we're all in the 100's Motor Cycle Club (current and ex desert racers.) Age group is 25-55.

Seriously, if any of you want to ride let me know,i'd be happy to take you on some of the stuff i ride out here.

P.S. Greg you could ride in the mpountains tomorrow, 90% of the snows melted now.


Would like to do a 100+ mile mid-week ride but just don't have the time. That said, I CAN get out for afternoon rides with a little advance notice on Fridays and Mondays. Need to be home by 6pm though, so my flexibility is limited on where I can ride. Best places are Gorman, Rowher or Drinkwater Flats. If anyone has interest, please send me a PM.

Fellas, I'm game to do mid week rides if I get a few days notice. Lately, I have had very limited access to ThumperTalk because my access is through a school district and the site is blocked. Anyway, if someone could send me an email letting me know I would greatly appreciate it, Also, 120-160 miles is cool with me and my bike has a plate. Thanks, Eric

I'll take you guys on one of my rides on the weekend no problem. Friday is my only weekday off, but it's every Friday so that can work. If you guy's are unsure of where Apple Valley is, it's in the high desert off I15.


Sniff, sniff... I wanna go!! I WANNA GO!!..but I aint got no stinkin plate. :)


Originally posted by SoCalWR426:

Sniff, sniff... I wanna go!! I WANNA GO!!..but I aint got no stinkin plate. :)


So quit your snifflin' and get a plate! It really isn't that hard. And if it is illegal you can go to jail and make your own license plate!

g. lyles when will u be ready. i only have a plate no lights but i can put on front and rear if i have to stock ones. and when will mid week ride happen. i'm ready for both.

Why don't we try Friday, 4/12 as a weekday ride or the following day 4/13. My knee should be good to go by then.We'll see who want's to go and i'll plan a route i think you'll all like.

Like i posted earlier, you have to be plated and at least look street legal because we will be traveling on public roadways. As an example, if we ride 125 miles, 25 miles could be on pavement if we did a desert/mountain combo ride. The more the ride leans toward desert it's less pavement. We could do a ride from my place to Randsburg for lunch and back. Or a zillion other combinations. Any ride we do will include a lunch stop as well as gas stop. Remember guys,on some of the longer rides of 125 miles or more we'll be gone from my place 7-10 hours so be prepared for that.I would expect you to have tools to repair your mount if needed and a way to fix a flat on the trail. Having a 21" inner tube and c02 cartridges is the way to go. If fixing flats on the trail makes you nervous don't worry, i can do it in less than 30 minutes.

All this being said, anyone still interested?

SLR, Fontana's about 45 minutes from my house.




If we get something planned,i'll get you guys my email and Tel. # to use. I try not to spend much time surfing T.T.

Originally posted by G. LYLES:

[QB] I would expect you to have tools to repair your mount if needed and a way to fix a flat on the trail. QB]

What no Auto Club roadside assistance????

Anyone interested in riding from the Lake Silverwood area to Arrowhead this Wednesday 4/24? I haven't rode offroad in months, I've only been riding MX and I'd like to go this Wed because I'm off work but I don't want to go alone. If we could have a small group of 4 or 5 people that would be great.

i got some friends that ride mid weeke with me. tuesdays and thursdays are no school and great ridding times.

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