what pro taper bend for someone whos 6'3 on a 2000 yz426f

Definitly ProTaper KX High, I was told that was the highest bend available. Where are you guys getting your higher clamps from ???

Where are you guys getting your higher clamps from ???

Mine came from Rocky Mountain. Its a Longhorn brand. :crazy:

6'3" isn't really so tall that it needs the highest bars available. My son is 6'3", and is quite happy with the Pro Taper Windham bends on his '06.

I tried the YZ High bends before and now have the Henry/Reed Bend and like them both just fine. I am 6'3" also. I liked the YZ High bends better of the two though.

yeh i plan on getting the Windham bend especially since grey has solved evry problem ive ever had. I was just wondering with the clamp bing 32 mm high, plus the higher bars and the clamp moved forward if the cables would all be long enough? I really dont want to have to get new ones.

I have some pro taper pastrana fmx plus some 1.5 inch bar risers on my '06. For a total of about 2.5 inches higher than stock. All of my cables reached BUT I have a rekluse with a left hand rear break so I cant speak as to whether the clutch cable would be long enough. The front brake just barely makes it. The Throttle cable and the hot start cable were just a little too short (by 1/2 an inch maybe) so they had to be rerouted in front of the bars. Now they have plenty of length and could probably be stretched another 1 inch. I have ridden it for a few hours since I rerouted the cables and everything works perfect.

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