2000 WR400F - oil in stator chamber

hi there. i pulled my stator cover off my WR and approx 100mm of oil came out. is this normal? should oil be in there? where could it be coming from?

any help appreciated!!!!!!:confused:


Yes there should be oil in there. Behind the stator assembly is the cam chain etc. So the whole lot runs in oil. If you didn't want oil to run out , say you where changing the gasket for instance. You could have idled the engine for 3 minutes and the oil would have been pumped back into the top of the frame. But it would drain back into the sump after a while.

Hope this helps

Most bikes have a wet stator to go along with that wet clutch, so no worries, this is expected.

Phew! Thanks heaps guys... I was a bit worried there. :confused:) Appreciate the quick response.


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